Police Station Experts

Do You Need A Police Station Rep When You Have Been Arrested?

We are specialist at the police station representation and are able to advice on all different types of criminal charges. With our expert team we here to insure that you get the best outcome for our clients.

Do I need representation at the Police Station?

It can be very stressful and frustrating to be in police custody on criminal charges, it is a necessity to get a specialist on criminal law to get trusted advice as soon as possible.

We at Wainwright and Cummins are ready, 24 Hours a day for FREE Police station advice.

You should always have a Solicitor during any police interview, even if you do not have anything to hide. Legal representation will cost you “Nothing” as it free under the Legal aid scheme.

Getting great legal advice, in a timely manor while at the police station can make the difference between a successful defence and a loss.

If you have been arrested or know someone who has been arrested call our 24-hour emergency phone line (020 7737 9339) at the earliest convenience.

We offer our services for a king at the price for a poorer, this is ensure that no matter your status you will get the highest quality service at no added cost to you.

Police Station Interview

If the police where to arrest you at your home or when you are picked up on the streets, we know this could become a very distressing time for you. The actions taken at the police station can be vital in gaining the desired outcome fro your  matter, we would advise our clients to ensure that you have a specialist to help guide you trough the interview.

If you or a member if your family member are due to go to the police station, do not delay and call us straight away. We are always ready to talk and try and prepare you on what to expect, until a member of our team has arrived at the police station.

Have you been contacted for an Interview under caution?

When the police are investigating an allegation they will try and contact the suspect via the telephone (if they haver not been arrested already) to invite them to the police station for a “Quick Chat’. This is a normal ploy used by the police to try and put the suspect off guard, trying to make them feel more relaxed and a false sense of security and allowing the suspect to unknowingly incriminate themselves

They often say things like ‘we need to hear your side of the story’ or ‘I’m neutral in this, and I’m just trying to find out what has happened’. Many officers will not explain that they will be attending a police interview under caution and that this could lead to a on the spot arrest and appearing in court the next day having been kept in the cells overnight.

Please remember that anything you can (even on the phone) can be used against you in court.

We understand that going for a interview with the police is never a pleasant experience and for your safety please insures any communication you have with a investing police officer takes place through a Lawyer/ Solicitor or with one present.

If you have been arrested or know someone who has been arrested call our 24-hour emergency phone line (020 7737 9339) at the earliest convenience.

What if the police arrest you?

If the police have arrested you you will be taken to the police station to be processed and then held in a cell. You are entitled to contact a solicitor of your choosing (if you don’t know a solicitor a duty solicitor can be provided for you).  If the police try to interview you, do not say anything until you have spoken to our team.

With our 24 hour 7 days a week emergency police station line you can get in contact one of the members of our team. We are ready to come a support you at the police station at no costs for you.

Getting the correct advice is important as the fact that incriminating yourself is very easy to do without knowing. Even if you are innocent and have nothing to hide, the police may use something you say against you.

The police may have used tactics that could be seen illegal; this is something that the police are well known for as some of their objectives are to get a conviction.

Do the Police want to Question you?

Remember never under any circumstance attend the police station without a solicitor. The police can request that you attend the police station for questioning (even if it is voluntarily) to provide some additional information. No matter what the situation contact us first.

We have experience in dealing with cases where people have attended the police station for a short convocation, by the end they have been taken into police custody and had to spend a night in the cells.

No matter the situation, always ask one of our solicitors to accompany you to the police station.

Contact us on our emergency telephone line 24 hours a day on 020 7737 9339


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