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Edward Atkinson

Edward Atkinson

Ed joined Wainwright & Cummins in November 2006, having practiced criminal law in Brixton since 1978.

Prior to joining Wainwright & Cummins, Ed was the head of the criminal department at Hallmark Atkinson Winter, having founded that firm in 1982. Ed currently is a consultant for Wainwright & Cummins LLP.

Ed has always been a specialist in criminal work and has extensive experience in a wide range of cases. He has conducted the defence in numerous murder cases as well as major drug conspiracy trials, kidnapping, false imprisonment and historic sex abuse cases. He has extensive experience in defending solicitors and other professionals in varied criminal trials in relation to their professional dealings and private matters.

As well as running the defence in major trials, Ed maintains an active role throughout criminal defence work from the police station onwards. He enjoys dealing directly with his clients. He is a well known advocate, particularly in our local courts.

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