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The Pantomime Theatre Industry and Worker Status

Ayesha Casely-Hayford
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Case Summary: Slights & Others v Crossroads Pantomimes Ltd & Others An Employment Tribunal has made significant findings for the pantomime theatre industry in the case of Slights & Others v Crossroads Ltd & Others. The case was heard in...

Can I get A Divorce if i've been Married less than a Year?

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YES… But there are other ways to end a Marriage. Marriage is not something that should be taken lightly and should be something that both parties involved should be 100 percent behind the marriage, as it is not always easy to get a divorce . With...

Case Study: You Can't See Me

Raheema Jamal
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In the matter R v McLean  Our client was being charged with Harassment without violence, this charge is against his ex-partner whom they share a child together. The Crown’s case was that our client has pursued a course of conduct which...

Delays, Delays & More Delays for Criminal Prosecution

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Criminal prosecution average wait time reaches 708 days.  Recent figures reveal just how hard the criminal justice system has been hit by the pandemic and government cuts. The average wait time for criminal prosecution has risen to 708 days. In their...

Is The Funding for Legal Aid Criminal?

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Some criminal barristers are thinking about taking strike action.  After claiming the authorities plans to inject only £35m consistent with in the next 12 months into the justice system will no longer be sufficient to make sure the long-time...

Should I have representation at the Police Station?

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In the unfortunate incident that you have been arrested by the police you should get a solicitor as soon as possible. The officer will ask if you need a solicitor? ... Say "YES!!!" Having a solicitor can provide some protection to a suspect...

What to do if you are approached by the police?

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If approached by a police officer on the street, please do not make attempt to run away Also do not throwaway any items, make any big/ aggressive gestures, or hinder their ability to approach you. I would ask you to remain calm and try and stay in control...

You get what you paid for

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Are Facebook doing enough, even thought it is "FREE"? As many of you know Meta and its subsidiaries Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Onavo was taken down by an “Update”. Was this 100% true? The globally used sites were down for...

Can your family settle out of court?

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Feuding families have been urged by senior solicitors to try and settle their differences out of court. This is to avoid lengthy delays caused by a backlog of cases caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The world is starting to return to a level of normality,...

We are here for every step - London Legal Walk

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What is the London Legal Walk? The London Legal Walk is an annual event that is put on by the London Legal Support Trust , an independent charity that raises funds for free legal support and advice services in London and the South East. Setting Off The...

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