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What is Family Mediation?

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Mediation is a voluntary and amicable alternative solution to settling and negotiating on matters that arise during a divorce process for you and your ex-partner. It is a means to reach a decision in a safe place without the need for long drawn out court...

Domestic Abuse Bill Receives Royal Assent

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 has introduced a number of noteworthy changes that aims to prevent offending and provide protection and support to domestic abuse victims. What has Changed? Having taken over 4 years to come to fruition, the Act now has...

What does this mean for you if you want to get a divorce?

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The concept of a no-fault divorce is set to revolutionise the divorce process in the UK.  For so long there has been an out-of-date concept of five grounds an individual could rely on in order to prove the marriage has...

Uber BV v Aslam: Case Summary

Ayesha Casely-Hayford
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A Case Summary of legal complaints brought against the huge global employer, Uber. This fascinating case considers the employment rights of Uber drivers. Perhaps there will be wider implications for the gig economy as a whole? We take a look at what...

Do You Want to Risk Not Making a Lasting Powers of Attorney?

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In the unfortunate event you were to ever lose your mental capacity to be in control of your financial or health affairs This could be due to illness or an accident, a Lasting Power of Attorney ( LPA ) will allow those close to you to make decisions on your...

Frequently asked questions within Probate

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The following are some of the most common questions clients have asked our specialist solicitors about the probate process. The answers are for general information purposes only. Should you need detailed legal advice on probate and matters relating to...

Mediation Voucher Scheme

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The government have introduced a Mediation Voucher Scheme which is to help towards the cost of Mediation for separating couples Encouraging them to seek to resolve their disputes outside of court when appropriate to do so. This voucher is the first of its...

Financial Settlement and Divorce

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Frequently Asked Questions: When you get married or enter a civil partnership, you will not be expecting it to end, but sadly for almost 50% of couples, this is the reality. Even if the intention is to split up amicably, making decisions on how to split...

What is the difference between filling for a divorce and a legal separation?

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Separating from your partner or filing for a divorce will obviously be a stressful and upsetting time in your life. When faced with the prospect of dealing with various legal matters, it can be equally daunting. We often get asked about the difference...

Conveyancing Process

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Frequently Asked Questions and Common Terms Buying and selling a property can be an exciting time, but the processes involved can sometimes seem confusing, with complex legal procedures that must be followed. Your conveyancing solicitor will make sure...

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