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Coronavirus Lockdown Laws: What's Changed?

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Police across the UK continue to have the right to arrest or punish people who violate the coronavirus lock down rule.  These rule have been in effect in the UK since March 26, they have been updated at 12:01 am on Wednesday 13 th  May 2020....

Will the courts be open if I have a trial?

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We at Wainwright and Cummins want to ensure the safety of our clients and staff during this uncertain time. However we have had a large amount of our clients across all the different areas of the firm ask if there case will take place if the courts are...

Coronavirus: Have You Been Fined?

Katie McCaughin
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In the recent hot weather you may have received a fine for breaching the lockdown. If this is the case we may be able to assist. To date, it is estimated that 3,203 fines have been issued for breaches of the lockdown. The fine is £60 but if you pay...

Furlough Leave - Advice on the Basics

Ayesha Casely-Hayford
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For those feeling in the wilderness when it comes to Furlough Leave, I’m here to help! This article is designed for employers and employees. You can jump to the relevant headings, or read the whole lot and feel better informed. “Know Furlough....

How will COVID-19 effect the firm?

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With the development of COVID-19 virus, We at Wainwright and Cummins LLP are committed on protecting the wellbeing of our employees, clients, network of partners and the local community. With this in mind are also asking all clients to double check that...

The MotherWorks International Women's day Photography Exhibition

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We at Wainwright and Cummins are proud to have sponsored this years event. The first started in 2018 international women’s day in the Brixton Pound Cafe. Launched on Monday 2 nd March 2020 and closes Saturday 4 th April 2020, Where you...

Are There Substitutes To Legal Aid?

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There have been few coordinated attempts to devise alternatives to legal aid. Some judges and lawyers have suggested moving to an  Inquisitorial system  rather than an Adversarial system . Supporters of the status quo say argument between...

Can I Get Legal Aid Funding For Crown Court Case?

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You may be eligible for legal aid and your lawyer can advise on whether you will qualify or not. If your court case is being heard in the Crown Court then it would certainly be in your best interest to instruct an experienced criminal defence lawyer to...

Everything you will need to know about driving laws in 2020

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This year you will see changes when it comes to Motoring laws including tougher penalties Here are a few helpful list so that you can keep yourself updated and hopefully avoid any unnecessary fines.  With the turn of a...

What happens if the reading is close to the limit?

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It is that time of year again when “one more” drink can cost a lot more then your utility bills and could have far reaching repercussions on your life. If you are unfortunate to get stopped by the police and you score 39 micrograms or less with...

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