At Wainwright & Cummins, our specialist team of mediators are able to assist in family and contested wills and probate matters, as well as civil or commercial disputes.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and a successful way of resolving legal disputes, whilst avoiding the high costs and stress of going to court. It is highly recommended if you feel that your particular dispute could benefit from the help of a neutral third party. For more information or to make an enquiry, we offer a 30 minute free consultation.

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Offer a flexible sliding scale of charges, shared equally between the parties.

Basic Charges

Value of a dispute

Preparation Time

Basic Mediation Duration

Hourly Rate

Total Cost

Up to £10,000

1 hour

4 hours



£10,000 to £50,000

3 hours

10 hours



£50,001 to £100,000

4 hours

10 hours




5 hours

10 hours



All hourly rates attract VAT in addition

Why Choose Mediation?

1. Reduce in Cost and Time

One of the main benefits of mediation is that it is ultimately far less expensive. Lawyers are paid for their time, and litigation and arbitration are lengthy processes – mediation instead is far quicker, enabling both parties to save time and money. An average mediation tales 1/3 the time of litigation.

2. Confidentiality 

Mediation is crucially confidential – even if the parties end up in court, neither party can reveal any information offered in the mediation. This is particularly helpful if a party would prefer to avoid media scrutiny.

3. Control, Compliance and Mutuality

Mediation is non-binding until an agreement is reached, and ultimately the decision to settle a dispute lies with the parties involved; this means parties have greater power control over the outcome. Mediating is therefore particularly useful if both parties wish to continue having either a personal or business relationship, as the outcome of mediation can be mutually beneficial. This means that both parties are usually more compliant, resolving and continuing to stick to the agreement made.

4. Support

Finally, mediation is particularly attractive due to the role of the mediator who supports both parties in order to reach a conclusion. For example, mediation works well with family disputes which can be particularly painful and upsetting, needing a greater amount of understanding and care than the bluntness of litigation.


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