Fare Evasion

Also commonly known as “Fare Dodging”

Or “Ticket Evasion”, “Bumping The Train” or “Fare Violation” is when an individual travels on public transport without paying. This is done by deliberately not purchasing a ticket for travel.

Fare evasion is a common problem in many parts of the UK, with the usage of ticket inspectors/ officers and ticket barriers (staffed or automatic), are in place to ensure only those with valid tickets can access transportation.

Fare evasion and fare fraud may or may not be a criminal offence depending on the circumstance. Note this only applies when the individual does not have the opportunity to do so. If the station where they are boarding does not have the facilities to buy a ticket (ticket machine is out of order or the ticket window is closed) you may be given to opportunity to pay whilst on board the train or you will have to pay at the station apron arrival.

If you have been caught on public transport without a valid reason or ticket you could be subject to a fine, or in the worse case scenario jail time and given a criminal record.

We at Wainwright and Cummins LLP are here to support if you feel that you have been unjustly charged with fare evasion.

Our fare evasion service is costed at £375 standard fee (plus VAT). However if there is addition work you maybe charged an hourly fee. Also we do not offer free consolation for this service, as this is a private matter.

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