Work Experience

Unfortunately Wainwright and Cummins LLP do not have the capacity to have any Work Experience students

Due to the Co-Vid 19 outbreak we are unable to offer Work Experience places at this time. We are in the process of developing a new way of working, this is to ensure the health and safety of not only our members of staff but our clients and the extended community.

However once we can find a safe way of working remotely working with stable and secure way to login to the office network that is sustainable that will allow addition members of staff to attend the firm on a day-to-day basic, we will open up opportunities for work experience students to attend the firm. 

However we still do not want any trainee solicitors feel disarranged about this, so we are creating a shortlist of new candidates for when we open up new opportunities within the firm. So if you are interested in working with Wainwright & Cummins LLP please email us with your CV and a short cover letter. Be sure to include a named tutor and their contact details, for obtaining a reference, should one be required to:

Work Experience at Wainwright and Cummins LLP.

"When I graduated from the Bar Vocational Course I suddenly realised that I was lacking greatly in practical experience. I had always assumed that criminal law would be my practice area of choice, but everything I knew was academic. I set about writing to several firms asking for experience in the field of crime, but only one firm was decent enough to respond positively, and I am incredibly happy that they did.

Not only were the members of Wainwright & Cummins LLP friendly and supportive, they provided me with the right kind of experience to assist in progressing my career to the next level. I was offered a whole range of tasks to undertake including office work, drafting work, legal research and attending court. I was even privileged enough to be involved in trials in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

In addition I was able to share in the knowledge and experience of Wainwright & Cummins LLP own criminal practitioners, who taught me many things that can’t be taught in a classroom, such as how to interact with the various people you meet, and how to deal with difficult or unforeseeable problems.

I am adamant that getting a job in such a competitive field as Criminal Law is near impossible without relevant work experience, and the experience that Wainwright & Cummins LLP offer is perfect for advancing both knowledge and career prospects in the field of Criminal Law."


For further information or to speak to one of our experts please contact us.