How to Apply

Please include your full name and attach a copy of your CV. Also included in your email which area of law you are interested in. All initial enquiries will go to

You will also provide us with any other information, which you consider to be relevant in the application, such as, previous experience within the area of law (although this is not essential), your skills and more importantly, your availability.

What happens next?

Mr. Andrew Wainwright will liaise with you directly assuming your application is successful and arrange a start date, which will be mutually convenient. We should advise that interest is extremely high during the Holiday periods and that it is much easier to find a position during the Term periods.

We also have an in-house co-ordinator, who will discuss your individual needs and plan tasks, which will give you the best learning potential and utilise your time more effectively. It is likely that you will be allocated a mentor during your period with us. Your allocation to a Department is likely to be dependent on their need at the time although we will clearly factor in your desire for experience in certain areas.

What are you expected to bring?

You are not required to bring anything, other than, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. It may be beneficial to bring your own notebook, so that you could take detailed notes of the tasks that you undertake and your achievements during this time.

What times will I be expected to work?

If you are based at the office, then you will be asked to start at 9.30 . However, if you are attending Court as a clerk, then you will be asked to be at Court by 09.15. You will not be required to stay later than 17.30 and you are entitled to an hours lunch break.

What is the office dress-code?

If you are office based, the dress-code is relaxed smart – however, if you attend Court as a Clerk, you will be required to wear a suit, preferably dark in colour. Men will be expected to wear a tie and ladies will be expected to wear closed shoes and a two piece suit.

What is in the local area?

We are in the heart of Brixton and there are many places where you can buy lunch, we also have a local Sainsbury’s and a Marks and Spencer. If you wish, you can bring in your lunch and store your meal in the office kitchen, which also provides a microwave along with tea and coffee making facilities.


We are happy to supply after completion of a successful period with us.


For further information or to speak to one of our experts please contact us.