Extending Your Lease

Leasehold Enfranchisement

If you purchase a leasehold property, (in a block of flats for example) as a leaseholder, you are the owner of the property for a fixed term (as set out in the lease) but not the land on which it stands on. Once the lease expires, the ownership will revert back to the freeholder, unless you can agree to extend or purchase the lease. 

Leasehold enfranchisement is the process you go through to either extend your lease or purchase a share of the freehold. You can either extend or purchase your lease individually, or you and the other residents can look to purchase the freehold together, this is known as collective enfranchisement, and will likely be more cost-effective than each leaseholder extending their lease individually. 

If the lease length is getting to around 80 years or below, then you should consider addressing this as soon as possible. A lease is a diminishing asset, that is, as the lease gets shorter, the flat decreases in value. It is for this reason that it is desirable to have a long lease which certainly makes it more attractive to buyers when selling the property.  

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Enfranchisement Solicitors 

Our experienced leasehold enfranchisement team have the expertise to help you on a wide range of enfranchisement matters including:

  • Extending your lease
  • Purchasing the freehold of your property 
  • Collective enfranchisement (where a group of tenants wish to buy the freehold together)
  • The right to manage (tenants take management of a building without buying the freehold)
  • The right of first refusal (to buy the freehold of a building)
  • Auction sales and rights of first refusal
  • Residential management matters such as Deeds of Covenant or Licences for Alterations
  • Residents Associations

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Can I extend my lease or purchase the freehold? 

Under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, the government has been proactively giving leaseholders protection against short leases, by giving most leaseholders the right to extend their lease or the right to buy the property.

If the freeholder is reluctant to do this, the leaseholder can force the freeholder to extend the lease by an additional ninety years with the ground rent falling to zero (a peppercorn). Of course, a privately negotiated lease extension on different terms is possible, but the freeholder may dictate these terms, possibly resulting in a disadvantageous settlement.

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Expert Enfranchisement Lawyers in Brixton 

Do not be put off if you find the thought of starting this process a little daunting. Whilst extending or purchasing your lease can be a complex area of law, our experienced and approachable enfranchisement lawyers are on hand to provide you with all the information you need. We will ensure that you meet all the strict deadlines and will guide you through the entire process.  

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We will always make sure that our fees are clear and easy to understand, without any hidden charges and we will provide you with a personalised quote for your property matter. 

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