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Case Study: You Can't See Me

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In the matter R v McLean Our client was being charged with Harassment without violence, this charge is against his ex-partner whom they share a child together.

The Crown’s case was that our client has pursued a course of conduct which amounted to the alleged harassment of his ex-partner. They claimed that our client attended her home address on two separate occasions. Whilst there, he is accused of shouting outside the property.

Our client has strongly denied all the charges from the outset, putting forward his defence at the police station. 

During the trial, the complainant’s account was challenged by our Trial Advocate, Raheema Jamal.

With the exemplarily work of Miss Jamal,  the complainant did accept that she didn’t see him on either occasion, However she said that she had recognised his voice. As a result, she called police who attended her address (twice). 

The outcome of the trial was our client being subsequently acquitted of the counts of harassment without violence and was found not guilty of the charges.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique case. We at “Wainwrights & Cummins LLP” have had to deal with a number of cases just like this and have gained similar outcomes. If you know someone or are going through something like this get in contact with us today.

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