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Should a terrorist have the right to Legal Advice?

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With the shocking events that took place over Westminster bridge, where a number of people lost their lives. This was an act to insight fear and terror in the general public, and it worked to a degree. However we also got to see the good side of humanity with people from all walks of life coming together to help people who were injured throughout this horrible event. The fact that the culprit was shoot dead on the seen means that they would not stand trail.

However if they had been taken in alive would they have the right to legal advice? This is grey areas were emotions will not be included in the fact that they are a human and deserve basic need.

In 2005, Abdurahman was convicted of terrorism offences linked to the failed London bombings. However, the police did not inform him during his interview as a witness that he was also a suspect, and did not offer him access to a lawyer.

Contrary to public opinion the right to legal advice is essential to ensure there can be no suggestion of coercion by the police and to guarantee transparency in every step of the legal process. Despite the current climate created by terrorist acts, reminds us that each and every one of us has certain rights in regards to the law.

Our very own Mike Reilly acted recently as part of a team which ‘has made legal history’, according to lawyer Natasha McDermott. Mike and his team, including McDermott, took the case of Ismail Abdurahman to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. The ECHR eventually concluded, due to Reilly’s ‘dedicated and committed’ team (The Law Gazette), that the UK Government was in breach of Abdurahman’s rights under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).

Whatever the allegation, everyone has a right to legal advice in order to ensure they can make informed decisions in regards to their future.

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