Thank you Ayesha for the professionalism, your attentiveness and sensitivity to my matter at a most difficult period. And how awesome to achieve the outcome in such a speedy turnaround! You were always reachable and advised in advance if you were going to be Out Of Office. This was key and really important with my anxiety. Your sensitively ensured I didn't have difficult emails thrust in my face: giving due consideration of my mental health. You were very clear on options open to me at all stages and your delivery and management of the other side is to be applauded and I was thoroughly impressed. Kind Regards

Job title: Actor, Managing Director of Harts Theatre Company

Services provided: contract review and support in negotiations with theatre companies
Comments on service:
To say the service and advice that I have received from Ayesha has been invaluable does not suffice. I believe that she goes above and beyond for a client and has been consistent in supporting me and giving me the clarity and understanding in a concise way that I believe is tailored to the way that I process information, which is a valuable skill. There isn't much training for an actor in regards to the legal side of the industry and it has been very useful for me to be able to receive help and advice from someone who also understands, first hand, the industry that I am in. But also as a director of a Community Arts Company having Ayesha to give me the knowledge, support and advice in direct relation to being a business owner in the entertainment industry has been indispensable to my decision making on a number of occasions.
Artistic Director - Harts Theatre Company


Job title: Coach, Kinetic Coaching in Sport Ltd

Services provided: employment contract drafting and review; drafting company handbook, advice on management of staff dismissal
Comments on service: 
Ayesha was very informative when acting on behalf of Kinetic when drafting a new employee handbook displaying our company procedures after dealing professionally during a disciplinary situation we found ourselves in. She was very quick at replying and dealing with our needs and really changed around our HR procedures. We discussed at length the benefits of a new contract and reviewed our current template to comply with the new handbook making a huge difference to the development of our business.


Job title: Day Care Nursery Officer

Service provided: support in management of workplace grievance and disciplinary dispute
Comments on service:
My name is Mrs A and at the end of December 2013 and the beginning of 2014 I was involved in a disciplinary. With Ayesha’s help I was able to face the consequences and stand up for myself with confidence.  She went through all the relevant policies with me, read all the other statements and found all the loopholes in them. She advised me on the relevant questions to ask, and which people to ask them to.
Originally my firm wished to hold me accountable for several things to which I had no part in and which were falsified against me, but with Ayesha’s help these were dismissed.
I am very grateful to Ayesha for her help at such a traumatic time. She always found time to answer my questions with patience and care and I highly recommend her.
Mrs A, 2016


Ayesha helped our family through a very difficult time when our mum was being bullied by her organisation for stating the truth about an event that happened in her workplace.
Ayesha was brilliant at looking at all the evidence that was falsely presented against our mum and gave us the wonderful gift of confidence to help us fight back.
Before speaking with Ayesha we felt powerless to help with the situation and all we could do was comfort our mum. Ayesha gave us the knowledge, serenity and legal stand that supported us in our fight for justice. She was a Godsend to our family and we can’t thank her enough.
Children, 2016


Job title: Modelling Agent/Small Business Owner

Service Provided: contract review
Comments on service:
Ayesha has been an important part of ensuring our start-up Agency’s legal contracts are correct, relevant and contain all required information. As she has extensive knowledge, is professional but also extremely personable, we found what could have been a long and daunting task turned out to be rather informative and pleasant!
Director - Kicking Ribbons


Job title: NHS Senior Manager
Service provided: advice on return to work rights following maternity leave
Comments on service:
I am a Senior Service Manager for the NHS.  During my maternity leave I needed to obtain legal advice regarding my flexible working entitlement when I returned to work.  I had encountered some resistance to flexible working from my employer when I had requested flexible working and was keen to understand the legal framework around flexible working requests.
I found Ms Casely-Hayford to be knowledgeable and informative and, perhaps most importantly, she explained the legislation in a way that enabled me to understand fully my rights and my employers responsibilities. 
Ms Casely-Hayford was able to quickly understand my concerns and provided practical and appropriate advice.  It was only through employing her services that I was able to resolve the issue at work and I cannot recommend her highly enough, 


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