Housing Disrepair Claims

We can provide expert advice and guidance on all areas of housing disrepair disputes

This includes disrepair actions in the County Court against local authorities, housing associations, and private landlords. Our experienced housing disrepair and statutory nuisance lawyers can assist leasehold owners, council tenants, and housing association tenants that suffer from various housing disrepair matters or disputes with their landlords.

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Making a Claim for Housing Disrepair

We realise how distressing living with housing disrepair or poor housing conditions can be for tenants and owners of leasehold properties. Likely this will be impacting negatively on your daily life and you are entitled to have essential repairs carried out. In certain cases, you can be awarded compensation for any financial loss or in more serious cases, compensation for an illness you have suffered, such as respiratory problems, due to dampness for example. 

Our expert housing lawyers can review your case and discuss all the options available to you, making sure you are aware of your rights as a tenant. Your landlord is obligated to ensure the repair of the structure and exterior of the dwelling -house and to ensure the repair and proper working order, the installations in the dwelling house for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation, space heating, and heating water. Typical examples of disrepair include:

  • Damage the external walls – resulting in damp or cold drafts
  • Rotten window frames or door frames – resulting in water damage or woodlice infestation
  • Internal walls damage – damage to plastering or severely cracked walls
  • Broken & faulty gas boilers – dangerous conditions or lack of heating
  • Leaking pipes – water damage on ceilings and walls
  • Rotting floorboards – dangerous to walk on
  • Faulty electrics – safety risks
  • Loose slate/tiles on the roof – resulting in water damage, draughts and/or damp patches
  • Sanitary fixtures cracked and broken – unfit for use and possibly unhygienic
  • Vermin – such as mice or rats

If you own a leasehold property the freeholders will need to review the terms of your lease regarding repairing obligations but our team is on hand to advise you of the best solution tailored to your circumstances. 

Housing Disrepair Solicitors Brixton

If you have suffered injury, illness or inconvenience as a result of disrepair, our housing law solicitors in Brixton will work hard to ensure the repairs to the property are completed and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. This can be a complex area of law and making a claim for housing disrepair requires knowledge and expertise to ensure all the correct processes are followed.

Our experienced housing team is headed up by Sebastian Peattie who is a member of HLPA  (Housing Law Practitioners Association), so you can feel confident in our expertise and dedication to providing a high level of service. 

To speak to one of our housing disrepair lawyers about a property issue, we are here to help. Call our experienced housing law solicitors on 0207 095 5705 or make an enquiry.

Funding and Fees

We help clients who are eligible for Legal Aid under the Legal Help Scheme or under a Public Funding certificate. We are able to advise potential clients regarding their eligibility for Legal Aid and assist clients in making applications for funding. Where Legal Aid is not available, we also help clients on a private fee basis, either with a fixed fee or by charging at an hourly rate. Alternatively, we can assist clients under a Conditional-Fee Agreement (no win, no fee) depending on the nature of the matter.


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