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What to do if you are approached by the police?

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If approached by a police officer on the street, please do not make attempt to run away

Also do not throwaway any items, make any big/ aggressive gestures, or hinder their ability to approach you.

I would ask you to remain calm and try and stay in control of the situation, as becoming agitated can make some officers envious and this can lead to a unnecessary arrest or be detained.

If a person attempts to flee, this will normally result in additional charges being added to the arrest, and will cause the prosecutor and judge to look unfavourably on any plea negotiations. This may result in injury to yourself and/ or the officer.

It is never good to attempt to fight with the police, even if you feel that it has becomes necessary. This will do nothing but escalate the situation and result in you being charged with resisting arrest, assault, or additional offences. 

Please try not placing yourself in an elevated position in such a way as to impede the officer’s ability to move, approach, or protect themselves or another person. 

Remember that you are contacted by the police is because they feel you are considered a person of interest in a crime [in most cases]. A person of interest is not a suspect. When an officer has probable cause to believe that you are involved in a crime, the decision is to arrest you.

Try and avoid being arrested and find out what they want and how you can complete any checks so that you can be let to go on your way. However in the unfortunate incident that you are arrested we are here to assist.

Request the firm Wainwright and Cummins Solicitors when you have been taken to the police station and they will contact us directly. Or if you have been contacted by the police and need to go to the station give is a on 020 7737 9330