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We Have A Cheap Copy

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Do Wainwright and Cummins have an impostor on the Internet?

When looking on Google for Wainwright and Cummins Solicitors you may come across something that might seem very familiar… We have been told by a number of different clients that there is a duplicate website of the firms.  

They have a taken the time to replace all the names on each page with their own… However they have kept all our member of staff? It was a surprise to each of the partners to find this out. As they are not getting any payment for our services.

We do see the funny side of this... Credit must go to our web development team and the marketing manager as we must have a good-looking template that they have copied (twice). 

However they have missed one key area on their about us page... They have the same video as us with all the Wainwright and Cummins branding and links to our website and contact information.

We have reported the site and it has been shutdown once before, however like a bad smell they keep coming back.

So we are trying to ensure that if you are looking for us or any member of a staff please make sure that you are on the correct website. We are a London based law firm with 2 offices in the Brixton (Lambeth) area.

We do not have an office in Stratford nor do we have any links to Russia. Also we try and update the website every few weeks with information that many of our clients may find useful.

If you do come across this fake website do not give them any of your details and report them as soon as you can.

Or contact us via: