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We are here for every step - London Legal Walk

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What is the London Legal Walk?

The London Legal Walk is an annual event that is put on by the London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that raises funds for free legal support and advice services in London and the South East.

Setting Off

The walk starts at the Royal Courts of Justice, in Holborn; a beautiful building with a rich and varied history. Lawyers from over 650 firms, chambers and offices gathered at the start line and set off to walk 10K through Central London.

Before setting off, we, the team from Wainwright and Cummins, looked warily at the clouds on the horizon, and set off with umbrellas in our hands and coats buttoned up high. All in the name of a good cause. We did not need to worry; the storm never broke, and we arrived back at the Royal Court of Justice windswept but thankfully untouched by rain!

The Aims of the Walk

The aim of the London Legal Walk is to raise money for legal support charities, and to raise awareness about the value of Legal Aid.

The country is facing austerity measures, and it is important that Legal Aid, alongside the many charities funded by the London Legal Support Trust, can endure these stormy times.

Legal Aid – Our Work

Many of our clients receive of the financial support provided by the government-run Legal Aid Agency. We are always welcoming new clients, who we aim to take on no matter their means. We believe that it is essential that everyone have access to legal advice, help and representation, and as a firm we pride ourselves on our ability to provide equal services for everyone.

When we walk together as part of the London Legal Walk, we remind ourselves and others that the financial support provided by the government, via the Legal Aid Agency, is part of its duty to the citizens of this country.

The Legal Aid provision has been in place in the UK since it was established by the Legal Aid and Advice Act of 1949. It is an essential provision for thousands, allowing individuals in difficult circumstances a safe recourse to legal advice and assistance even when living with low incomes or managing on income support.

Many of our clients live on low wages, and rely on Legal Aid. The difference it makes is enormous. In the Family Department, our clients seek help for matters that cannot be priced: perhaps they have been a victim of domestic violence, or perhaps they are seeking help with a divorce or a child care matter. Legal support is essential, and no client should be put off from seeking their rightful legal assistance simply because they cannot afford to pay.

Legal Aid is a lifeline, and the London Legal Walk is a chance for lawyers to come together in recognition of this fact.

This year, in light of the recent austerity measures and cuts to government spending, Legal Aid provision is facing a crisis. Between 2005 and 2018, 56% of all legal aid providers were lost, and the proportion of not-for-profit providers fell by a staggering 64% over the same period.

Reaching our Destination

The walk ends with a sense of friendship and of shared achievement. The event raised a total of £500,000 for the trust. The money will be shared amongst the 100+ free legal support and advice services which provide vital services across London and the South East of England. The weather may have been forbidding, but the sun was hiding behind the clouds throughout.


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