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The MotherWorks International Women's day Photography Exhibition

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We at Wainwright and Cummins are proud to have sponsored this years event.

The first started in 2018 international women’s day in the Brixton Pound Cafe. Launched on Monday 2nd March 2020 and closes Saturday 4th April 2020, Where you will also be able to enjoy the ‘MotherWorks’ photography exhibition. This year’s exhibition will take place at Brixton Library were mums and families are welcome to visit for a day of creativity located on the right hand side of the famous Ritzy Cinema.

Thanks to the hard work of local photographer Fiona Freund, ‘Motherworks’ is designed to champion and celebrate the lives of Brixton’s working mums. 

As many of the staff within the firm are mothers we feel that this is close to our own heart. Form Solicitor’s to our members of our crucial Administrative team; from new mothers or mother with their children adults. We have mothers who are at different stages of life. We are proud of the work they are doing and want to share their success.

Fiona says: “My pictures of the world of working mums today, illustrate their amazing achievements, and show their difficult, complicated and consequently sometimes hilarious lives.”

On International Women’s Day Sunday 8th March, from 12 – 4pm the exhibition formed a backdrop for a community creative event at Brixton library.

The exhibition is still taking place and they are inviting mothers put their feet up in the ‘MotherWorks’ chair, take a selfie with friends and family and be celebrated for everything they do.

To find out more about ‘MotherWorks’ and for any news on up and coming events visits there website

If you woukd like to see pictures from the event visit our facebook page