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Should I have representation at the Police Station?

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In the unfortunate incident that you have been arrested by the police you should get a solicitor as soon as possible.

The officer will ask if you need a solicitor? ... Say "YES!!!"

Having a solicitor can provide some protection to a suspect who is charged. They will be able assists in any dispute later on at court as to events that occurred during the police interview.

Our talented Solicitors and Police Station Reps can give evidence at the police and sometimes at Court and reject any suggestion made by the police that something may have occurred in the police station when it clearly did not. This should also put your mind a rest knowing that the police will have to act accordingly and with the Law. 

Our experienced team can also make representations for bail at the point of charge. This is far more likely to succeed than if a suspect is unrepresented.  The current legal advice provided by Police is, if you do not have a solicitor, we recommend you seek a solicitor.

If you are not entitled to Legal aid this could be an expensive option, but would be advised for those facing really serious criminal charges and/or being interviewed under caution or by summons to appear before a Magistrate at Court.
Police can contact your solicitor free of charge to help with the process of providing legal representation. They will offer you a duty solicitor or ask if you have your own solicitor. You should have someone by your side to help you not incriminate yourself during a police interview. 

A solicitor may also be able to offer the following services:  Advice on obtaining bail, which can be useful for someone who has been arrested and is waiting to hear whether they will face charges Legal assistance in the event of a refusal to accept a plea bargain.

We at Wainwright and Cummins LLP have someone ready to help both old and new Clients, 24 hours a day everyday of the year. 

If you are Arrested just request for us by name (WAINWRIGHT AND CUMMINS) and we will get to you. Or if you know someone who has been arrested please give us a call on our emergency 24hour Crime department line (+44) 020 7737 9339