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Lawyers vs. Lawyers

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The difference between a Solicitor and Barrister.

There are two different kinds of advocates within in the UK legal system. You use a Solicitor to assist you from buying a home, to having had any interaction with the police.

Additionally a Barrister will be a lawyer you would want to represent you if the matter has to go to the High court. Barristers are seen in a more traditional wardrobe, by sporting a wig and gown. Within the courtroom they have the right to speak on their clients behalf, and will often provide expert advice.

There are more Solicitors then there are Barristers, as becoming a Solicitor can be more secure because it is usually a career that comes with a wage.

On the other hand Barristers are Self-employed and fees charged for all there work within each case.

Almost all judges have qualified as a barrister. You will rarely see a solicitor jump directly to be a judge.

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