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I can not afford to pay the fine

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If you have been summoned to court or if you receive a fine but can not pay it, you may need legal assistants.

If you go to court and are asked to ask for non-payment of fines, you may be able to use a fully qualified lawyer, who can represent you on your behalf.

Sometimes the added value to your defence by being represented for a problems is not traditionally handled by a solicitor, can make all the difference on the outcome. We can also sometimes provide legal assistance on these matters so that you can represent yourself.

There are several reasons why you could receive a fined. Whatever the reason, you must make a payment according to the appointed court order. The court may grant you a payment period for instalments, that you can arrange with the courts.

However If you are late, your payments will normally increase and the court may take further enforcement action against you.

You may be fined if:

• Convicted of a crime
• Acceleration/ Speeding of the vehicle
• Did not pay: T.V licence, Utility bills, Tax evasion, Fare evasion 
• Failing to comply with court orders

If you ignore the fine, you will have to return to court to face a judge and explain why no payment have been made. If the court finds that you deliberately refused to pay a fine, you maybe forced to work without pay or in the worse case even be sent to prison.

How we can help
No matter your circumstances, Our team may be able to support in this highly stressful time. You can help in applying for legal assistance on your behalf and appeal to a free agent in court. In any case, you cannot always get a free agent, but it might be helpful to ask if we can help you.

Our goal is to treat to each case with the utmost urgency, and deal with the matter as soon as possible so you can continue your day.

A quick call can make all the difference and save you money. For more information, call 020 7737 9330 or send an e-mail to