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How To Resolve Disputes Quickly and Easily via Mediation

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On the 24th July 2019 Dominic Geodjenian and Aneesha Bhunjun hosted a workshop on “How to resolve disputes quickly and easily via Mediation” at the International House in Brixton.

They each gave an enlightening presentation on how mediation works, and what it can be used for. It is a suitable process for a wide range of disputes such as:  Business contracts, Landlord & Tenant, Property disputes, Employment and Workplace issues, Wills and Family matters.

The attendees learnt that mediation is a powerful and successful process, with a outstanding 89% of cases that have gone to mediation have been settled without the need for court.

The event was highly interactive and prompted many interesting questions such as:

- How much does it cost to mediate?
- How do you deal with the emotion people feel when in dispute?
- Do you need a solicitor to mediate?

The session wrapped up with a communication exercise that gave everyone a takeaway on how to practice listening better. This workshop was partnered with the Brixton Bid and also had the amazing Rebecca Attree form our companions at Attree and Co.

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