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Coronavirus: Have You Been Fined?

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In the recent hot weather you may have received a fine for breaching the lockdown. If this is the case we may be able to assist.

To date, it is estimated that 3,203 fines have been issued for breaches of the lockdown. The fine is £60 but if you pay within 14 days the fine is reduced to £30. More serious breaches of the regulations are being dealt with in the Magistrates court.

The current lockdown is unprecedented and officers may make errors in applying the new rules. As an example Greater Manchester Police have been criticised for arresting a man for dropping food off to elderly family members and in another part of the country a family were told they should not be in their front garden. Many cases have been discontinued once reviewed.

What the police can do:

  • They can detain someone if they are believed to be infectious
  • They can close non-essential businesses
  • They can restrict movements and stop gatherings

How can I avoid paying my fine?

To avoid a fine, you must be able to establish that you had a reasonable excuse for example:

  • Exercising
  • Fleeing domestic violence
  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Helping to care for others
  • Attending the doctors
  • Travelling to work when “absolutely necessary”

The list is not exhaustive and there is room for interpretation on what amounts to “reasonable excuse”.

Police have been advised that enforcement action should be a last resort. If police believe you are in breach they should first encourage you to return home.

If you have received a fine or court summons that you intend to defend then we are happy to assist

For further assistance please call 0207 737 9339