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Commercial Conveyancing

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Our Conveyancing team have years of experience in successfully completion of sales on behalf of our clients.

We have expertise in both residential & commercial conveyancing. We know the needs of our clients and offer a tailored service for each individual matter.

There is a difference between commercial conveyancing can be rather complicated and demands much more time to research on the property’s history, as opposed to a residential Conveyancing

Other circumstances can make the conveyancing more complex such as termination, extension of the lease agreement or licensing regulation of commercial properties. Commercial conveyancing is a process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another; this includes all legal procedures.

We are experts in the selling of commercial property. We prepare & support you in complying with the Commercial Property Standard Enquiry forms. We will commutate with the other sides solicitors / legal team to ensure the successful completion of sale.

Wainwright and Cummins provide the best conveyancing service in the borough of Lambeth and South London. Our aim is to support our valued clients navigate the conveyancing process.

For any enquiries regarding the commercial conveyancing for purchasing or selling a property, feel free to contact us today via email: or call us on 0207 095 5700

We are happy to help you.