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Can I get A Divorce if i've been Married less than a Year?

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YES… But there are other ways to end a Marriage.

Marriage is not something that should be taken lightly and should be something that both parties involved should be 100 percent behind the marriage, as it is not always easy to get a divorce.

With the law changing and the introduction of no fault divorce, there has been a mind shift on the state of divorce and a stigma that getting a divorce will be easier. However that is not the case as every case is different and sometime divorce is not the right option.

“I don’t want to get a divorce but I no longer want to be married”

You can get a legal separation if you don’t want to get a divorce for any (valued)* reason. For example, if you don’t agree with divorce for religious or cultural reasons this could be the best option for you.

If this is not the case you can get a legal separation if you’ve been married less than a year. However sometimes it’s usually better to wait until you can get a divorce and complete this process in one step.

While you are waiting to start getting the divorce process started, you and your now ex-partner can get a separation agreement put in place. This lets you agree on the most of the details of how you want to separate before finally deciding to get divorced.

“Can I get an Annulment?”

YES: There is also the Annulment route to end a marriage. This is also another way to end a marriage within the 1st year. However you may be asked some intrusive questions on why you want this type of separation.

To find out more about Annulments and how they can be validated by visiting:

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