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Are You Considering Adoption?

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Adoption is the process of where parental responsibility is transferred from the birth parents to the adoptive parents.

This process means the birth parents lose rights and parental responsibility to care for the child. This may be because the birth parents do not want a child, are not financially able to support a child, cannot be found, or the child would be at risk if they remain with the birth parent as they are incapable of caring for them.

The adoption process ultimately puts the child's needs and best interest at the forefront as the court determines whether or not to remove the child(ren) from their birth parents' care and place them in an alternative permanent home. A court considers all evidence and makes the final decision, either supporting the adoption or opposing it.

What is the Process of Adoption?

The adoption procedure can be a lengthy and daunting process. However, our specialist child law solicitors will help and guide you every step of the way. 

The steps are as follows:

  • The adoptive parents file an adoption application. You may wish to seek legal advice at this stage as this process can be complicated.
  • A social worker will assess the potential adoptive parents; they will evaluate your background, your home, the people around you in your life and any existing children you may have to determine if you are suitable to adopt a child.
  • The social worker holds this information strictly confidential, and it will not be released to the child, the child's birth parent or carers.
  • The court will determine whether adoption is suitable for the child and if the child's birth parents are still in their life if they will also agree to the terms of the adoption. The court will decide what is best for the child and consider varying factors regarding the child's welfare.
  • The court will consider various reports. This would be a statement of facts from the adoptive parents as well as the child's guardian to determine if adoption is in the child's best interest.
  • The last stage is for an adoption hearing to be held, where the adoption order is made. This will call the need for the child to be present in court.

Why do I need a Solicitor when Adopting a Child?

Adoption would mean dealing with a lot of correspondence, court documents and social worker documents, attending meetings and assessments, etc. Therefore, being legally advised throughout this process, especially as the process can be overwhelming and difficult to understand, would benefit the adoptive parents.

If you are considering adoption or are about to embark in the adoption process, please get in touch with our specialist Family Law Solicitors today.

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