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An Acquitted Result is a Quick Result

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We at Wainwright and Cummins are very proud of the outstanding work done by our own Rachael Archer

In one of her cases that ended in June 2021, we firmly believe that this result was only possible because of her keen insight and excellent eye for detail her client was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and offensive weapons charges following a intense two-month trial.

With Rachael Archer instructing Colin Aylott QC and Alphege Bell [of Carmelite Chambers] in this 8-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court. We are delighted to have secured an acquittal with such speed, as this type of result is fairly uncommon due to the nature of this type of case, and with the defendant being only 15 years old at the time of the alleged offence.

If you have been arrested or are on trial for any criminal offence and would like us to represent you in a speedy yet thorough trial, get in contact with our criminal defence team via email: or give us a call on our emergency 24hour telephone line 0207 737 9339.

We hope not to hear from you, but if we do need our help we are here for you and your family.