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Legal Aid Opportunities

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Many people believe that Legal Aid is increasingly rare, and difficult to obtain. This is not in fact the case; there are many factors which determine whether or not an individual is eligible to receive Legal Aid, and it should not be assumed that a person is not eligible without investigating the specifics of their case.

Wainwright & Cummins Solicitors have been serving the public for over thirty years, undertaking a vast amount of publically funded work, to ensure that those most vulnerable to the law are represented and protected. Our in house advocacy department enables us to represent clients throughout their case, through to its completion. The areas of law which are covered by the Legal Aid Agency are:

  • Criminal Law
  • Prison Law
  • Family Law
  • Childcare Law
  • Housing Law
  • Immigration & Asylum Law
  • Employment Law

If you find yourself facing legal issues in any of these fields, please get in touch with Wainwright & Cummins Solicitors to arrange a consultation, in which we can discuss and assess your eligibility for Legal Aid.