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CPS Lack of effort is equal to a waste of time

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The firm recently achieved a successful outcome in defending a client facing multiple allegations, including Section 20 GBH, 2 counts of Criminal Damage and Harassment under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997.

The Senior Judge at Croydon Crown Court made stinging criticism of the CPS’s failure to properly review the case and concluded in his judgement “that the CPS must surely have better things to do with their time, than to continue with this sort of case”.

The factual matrix arose out of a private relationship between the two parties and under the Protection from Harassment Acts and relying on obiter dicta in the leading cases of R. vs. Widows (2009) and more recently R. vs. Z & N (2016) we submitted that the Act was not applicable.

The Judge agreed and the case was dismissed and costs were awarded to our Client. It was a resounding victory, not only for Mr Michael Reilly, the Lead Advocate, and for the team, including Dominic, Richard and Vanessa who assisted in the thorough preparation of the case from which the Dismissal argument was able to proceed, crucially, so that the Client did not have to go through the trauma of a Trial, having been on bail for 7 months.