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Counterclaim puts smile on damp faces

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Wainwright & Cummins Housing department have been working extremely hard and have had a successful few months in cases relating to possession and counterclaims.

Our client had been living in poor conditions, as her property was damp and covered in mold for almost 3 years.

Despite notifying her landlord, nothing was done about the disrepair. However, after her landlord attempted to seek possession of her property for rent arrears, we were able to bring forward a counterclaim for disrepair.

We were triumphant in our counterclaim and our client was awarded £5000 in damages.

Another one of our clients had been dealing with a similar (if not worse) ordeal. In this case our client had been living in her property since 1996 and had issues with disrepair throughout her tenancy! She was living with damp and mold, which over the years progressively got worse and affected other areas of her property as well as her physical and mental health.

We were able to argue her counterclaim effectively and our client was awarded with the sum of £15,000 for damages.

Both of these clients were left extremely happy with these results, especially as they were at risk of losing their homes. They were able to claim their damages and rectify the disrepair.

If you are, or know someone who is going trough a similar situation, get in contact with us via telephone (02077379330) and we can arrange to have a consultation with a member of the Housing team.

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