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Pricing List and Costs:

Thank you for visiting our pricing page. We always recommend to clients that you contact us about the costs of your matter. We are happy to discuss anything you need when instructing us, as all clients will have their individual needs and circumstances. However, the figures below will hopefully assist you in getting a general overview of the costs involved.
If you do decide to instruct us, we will give you a personalised quote for your matter at the outset. We will also regularly update any with any changes to our original quote during your instruction.In some instances we are able to charge a fixed fee for the work undertaken to assist in providing you with certainty of our costs.  This will of course depend on the practice area and complexity of your matter.  
We will discuss either option with you at the outset and before any work is undertaken
Conveyancing fees:

Remortgage £750.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
Lender Files £650.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
Bridging loans £2,500.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
Purchases/sales Property value up to £1m - £950.00 + VAT and disbs​
Property value up to £2m - £1,950.000 + VAT and disbs
Property value up to £3m - £2,950.00 + VAT and disbs​
Help to Buy £1,250.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
Lease Extensions £1,250.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
Private L E £750.00 + VAT and disbs minimum
New Build +£400.00 + VAT on top of original fee minimum

Employment fees:

1 Hour Rate £350 + VAT. (First 15-minute free new client)
Advisory services: Review Fixed fee estimate £500 + VAT and disbs
Advisory services: Drafting £1,500 + VAT and disbs
Employment contract review Fixed fee estimate £150 + VAT and disbs
Employment contract drafting £300 + VAT and disbs
Drafting and negotiating compromise agreements Fixed fee estimate £500 + VAT and disbs
Advice on prospects of success and any ACAS conciliation representation: £370 + VAT and disbs
Drafting and submitting claim £400 + VAT and disbs
Interviewing witnesses, preparing hearing bundle £650 + VAT and disbs
Representation at Preliminary Hearing £750 + VAT per day
Representation at substantive Hearing £950 + VAT per day

Fixed fee for estimate of running a Tribunal claim in full from lodging claim to full merit hearing*:
1 day hearing - running the entire case £7,000 + VAT  and disbs
2 day hearing - running the entire case £9,000 + VAT and disbs
3 day hearing - running the entire case £15,000 + VAT and disbs
*Estimate includes cost of representation at a merit hearing only. Remedy hearing additional £950 + VAT/day.

Immigration fees:

Initial Consultation £150 
Spouse Entry Clearance Applications £1,550
Spouse Extension Applications £1,250
Spouse Appeals £1,800
Family/Private Life Article 8 Applications £1,550
EEA Applications £1,250
General Extension Applications £1,250
Naturalisation Applications £1,000
Immigration Appeals £1,800
Applications for Asylum / Human Rights* (Up to initial HO decision) Available upon request
Asylum / Human Rights Appeals* Available upon request
Bail Applications and Hearing £1,250
PBS Tier 1 Applications Entrepreneur/Investor £2,500
PBS Tier 2 Applications - Sponsor £1,800
PBS Tier 2 Applications – Applicant £1,250
PBS Tier 4 Student Applications £1,000
PBS Tier 5 Applications £1,000

Probate fees:

Probate £950.00 + VAT minimum (depending on total value of estate)
Wills £300.00 + VAT minimum
LPA’s £450.00 + VAT minimum
Deed of Trust   £250.00 + VAT if part of a transaction minimum
                         £450.00 + VAT and disbs if stand alone minimum

Motoring offences fees:

40 Min Consultation Free
Making Representations Including Mitigating by post £250.00 + VAT and disbs
Plead Guilty £500.00 - £700.00 + VAT and disbs

One day trial including advocates fee at £2000 + VAT and disbs
Full day trial £3000 + VAT and disbs
For bundled services please enquire This excludes expert’s fees

Mediation fees:

Value of a Dispute

Preparation Time

Basic Mediation Duration

Hourly Rate

Total Cost

Up to £10,000

1 Hour

4 Hours£150£750

£10,001 - £50,000

3 Hours10 Hours£165£2,145

£50,001 - £100,000

4 Hours10 Hours£180£2,520


5 Hours10 Hours£200£3,000



All prices quoted are without VAT included in the price. VAT is not applicable where there is no lawful residence in the UK.
All prices quoted are for single applicants. More than one applicant or dependents on applications will likely incur an increased fee.
Fees may exceed the amount quoted.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly via email or Telephone.


For further information or to speak to one of our experts please contact us.