Crime: News & Updates – Recent Successes

Leases and Legal Action
June 24, 2018
Travelling with minor children – when you need consent
July 31, 2018

Crime: News & Updates – Recent Successes

Crime: News & Updates – Recent Successes

R-v-G (2018) magistrates court

W&C defended client of good character with mental health issues in a domestic stalking and harassment case. This case involved a carefully thought out and realistic case strategy which would have either resulted in a conviction, a penalty at the least severe end of the sentencing range or a review of the prosecution’s case. Following a psychiatric report prepared by Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist – we successfully argued for a review with the result the prosecution offered no evidence. Solicitor-Advocate: Mr Tahir Ali (in house W&C).

R-v-C and others (2018)

W&C defended in this multi handed murder trial at the Old Bailey following a fatal shooting on 26 May 2017. Solicitor’s case strategy involved deploying arguments at the appropriate time. Case against Defendant was dismissed following a successful half time submission of ‘no case to answer’. Queens Counsel and Junior counsel: Miss Kathleen Mulhern (in house at W&C).

R-v- L and others (2018)

W&C defended in this multi handed aggravated burglary-knife brandished-entry forced- serious injuries caused to the one of the complainants. Case involved consideration of DNA, cell site analysis and finger print analysis. Client acquitted.

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