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Prison Law Department

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Prison Law

Wainwright & Cummins LLP boasts a dedicated team of lawyers specialising in Prison Law and experienced in fighting to ensure our clients’ rights are upheld. The prison law team at our Brixton office advises assists and represents prisoners at any stage of their sentence to resolve difficulties with the Prison Service, the Parole Board and other authorities.

We understand that the prison system can be frustrating, extremely slow, and often confusing, so our aim is to aid in any way we can to help solve issues, in a manner that is straightforward and easily accessible.

All our prison law lawyers receive ongoing training and are also experienced criminal law practitioners. We are members of the Prisoners’ Legal Rights Group and the Association of Prison Lawyers. We regularly instruct counsel from leading chambers.

Due to new legislation and prison overcrowding, prisoners often experience delay in having their cases considered by the Parole Board, or have problems getting access to offending behaviour courses. We represent clients ourselves or instruct counsel from leading chambers to maximize their chances of being progressed to open conditions or released at the earliest possible stage. We have brought successful judicial review actions challenging delays in this area.

Even though you are in prison you still have human rights. In the past we have helped clients successfully resolve issues involving lack of privacy during hospital visits, failure to provide suitable food for religious prisoners, and unjustifiable restrictions on social visits to see one’s children.

We assist and represent prisoners nationwide in relation to all aspects of prison life, such as:

  • Parole: We can assist life- and indeterminate-sentenced prisoners in their Parole reviews, and have a great track record of getting clients progressed to open conditions and released.
  • Recalls: We have extensive experience in representing clients who have been recalled to custody following alleged breaches of their licence or new criminal allegations. We are able to assist at every stage of the recall review process, including making written representations for re-release and representing clients at oral hearings.
  • Independent Adjudications: If you have been placed on report while in prison, and your case has been referred to the Independent Adjudicator (also known as the ‘Outside Judge’), we are able to attend the adjudication hearing in order to represent you and get the best possible outcome.
  • Appeals: If you feel that your conviction or sentence may have been unjust, and you would like to appeal, we may be able to assist you; we have a long history of successful appearances in the Court of Appeal.
  • Sentence calculation: This is a very complex area of law due to frequent legislative changes. As a result the prison sometimes miscalculates release dates. This can result in prisoners being held unlawfully, being considered late by the parole board or even being wrongly recalled. We can assist with effecting prisoners’ immediate release and to make a claim for damages. We also help with remission of days applications where the prison gets it wrong.
  • Other matters: We also have experience of assisting clients with a variety of other matters including applications for Home Detention Curfew (HDC, also known as ‘tag’); transfers between different prisons; and re-categorisation decisions.

If you are in prison, or know someone who is. It is advisable to have representation to make sure that they are taken care of, and their rights are upheld, in a very difficult environment.

Our Prison Law department will be happy to discuss any issue with you, including matters not listed above.