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Wainwright & Cummins have been defending clients facing criminal charges for almost 30 years.

We aim to defend the interests of our clients charged with any criminal offence and to protect their inherent civil liberties and human rights. We also have a reputation for looking after vulnerable clients including young people, clients with mental health difficulties and clients facing charges which could damage their professional and personal reputations.

We have considerable experience across a broad range of criminal litigation from minor offences to major offences.

Types of Work/Cases we undertake:

  • Allegations of serious fraud including money laundering; car "ringing"; and online conspiracies to pirate copyrighted material.
  • Allegations of violence including murder, manslaughter, and kidnapping.
  • Allegations of possession of offensive weapons including the use and/or possession of firearms including conspiracy to supply firearms and armed robbery.
  • Allegations of dishonesty such as benefit fraud, conspiracy to steal or defraud, allegations of theft from an employer or public body, and minor acts of dishonesty such as shop lifting.
  • Drugs related crime- from large scale cross-border importation and supply cases to possession of small quantities of illicit drugs.
  • Street crime- including robbery and allegations of anti-social behaviour
  • Public Order Offences
  • Road Traffic Cases including allegations of causing death by dangerous driving.
  • Allegations of sexual abuse including serious sexual offences such as rape, sexual assault, and allegations of possession of s.48 images.

Whatever the allegation we assure you that we will do our utmost to represent you to the best of our ability.

Some of our recent leading cases are as follows:

1. RVZ CCC multi million pound international fraud upon American computer systems manufacturer using false warranty scheme

2. R -v- DIRCC alleged multiple marital rapes and sexual abuse within marriage.

3. R -v A CCC conspiracy to defraud and money laundering using websites offering facticous car insurance

4. R -v- A Woolwich CC multiple importations of Class A drugs over a two year period

5. R -v- Y Woolwich CC alleged attempted rape and robbery by burglar preying on young women.

6. R -v- H C of A - sentence reduced for defendant who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and gave evidence for the prosecution in an otherwise successful prosecution.

7. R -v- C - Blackfriars CC - alleged attempted rape of adult.

8. R -v- C - Croydon CC alleged marital rape sexual abuse

9. R -v- A - alleged attempting pervert the course of justice by defendant of accused of providing false insurance details following road traffic accident

10. R -v- G Isleworth CC - attempted murder using drunken argument

11. R -v- G Woolwich cc - attempted murder during drunken argument by defendant who had been recently profounded disabled by a stroke

12. R -v- K - wounding with intent by a professional man who stabbed his nephew in the eyes during the episodes arising from a long standing mental illness

13. R -v- C - Kingston CC - young defendant accused of multiple robberies of high value mobile phones from vulnerable victims at remote bus stops

14. R -v- R - ILCC - driver accused of possession of firearm and ammunition when suspected of carrying two passengers with disguises to commit robberies

15. R -v- B - Croydon CC - retired professional repeatedly prosecuted for downloading child pornography

16. R -v- m - Croydon CC - false imprisonment in intentional GBH alleged against exploited vulnerable women accused of allowing her home to be used to settle drug dispute

17 & 18 - R -v- A - Harrow Cc - alleged attempted kidnapping and assault of potential informant by suspected target of earlier gang shooting

19. R -v- I - Southwark cc - represented one of six defendants prosecuted for gang rape of teenage girl lured into public park

20. R -v- T - Maidstone CC - defended woman accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice she had been the wife of the principle murderer in revenge execution.

We provide a 24 Hour Emergency Service for clients arrested in London and the South East.

Our Emergency 24 Hour Line is: 0207 737 9339

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